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Save Redeemer
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This site is being used to show our dedication to Holy Redeemer High School. It will be used primarily as a means to state whether benefactors can make donations to keep Holy Redeemer High School open.

Our Mission

Our goal is to raise the funds needed to allow Holy Redeemer High School to remain open to educate students.

Redeemer Is Love
By: Rosa Hernandez

Donating to Save Redeemer

Please tell us if you would be willing to donate to keep Holy Redeemer High School open to educate young minds.

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On Monday, March 21, 2005, we held our protest. We marched from Clark Park to the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Many students risked suspension to be at the protest.  There were some alumni, parents, and countless others who helped us make our voices heard.  Our deepest thanks goes out to all who participated, all who had us in their prayers, and all who just thought of us.  Thank you.

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5668 Baker Street
Detroit, MI 48209

Phone: 313-841-4433